Entry #2

Upcoming Youtube Videos!

2016-02-16 06:56:52 by mariamidnite

Hey, hey everyone! So sorry I haven't been around lately. Just been busy with things here and there. Wanted to give you a bit of heads-up for my future plans.

As you may have heard, I was working on Youtube videos and was almost finished editing them. Suddenly, my Macbook hard drive completely crashed & wiped away EVERYTHING! I ordered an external hard drive to use just incase it happens again (which it shouldn't!) So, with that being said, I made a list of the videos some of you have been wanting me to try out. Of course you can leave a comment for me incase I missed one! Here are the following game (but not in order!):

  1. Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak (GBA)
  2. Fran Bow (PC - Steam)
  3. The Crooked Man (PC)
  4. Mad Father (PC)
  5. Among the Sleep (PC - Steam)
  6. Corpse Party: BloodCovered - Repeated Fear (PSP; will be emulating the game for easier viewing)

Currently, I am on tour so I will NOT be able to make videos on the go. Whenever I return, get ready! Alright everyone, talk with you later on. Love you my Humanoids - Sachiko. xo.


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